Battle brothers legends layered armor

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battle brothers legends layered armor

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Battle Brothers Store Page. Global Achievements. Neon View Profile View Posts. Takes a little time to get used to, but still essencially the same game. I'm getting the new DLC, and can't wait to how it will meld with this awesome mod.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. The mod is a buggy mess right now. Although playing as necromancer was quite fun. If Overhype will add battle sisters they should be either in support roles or found as rare as 1 of each 30 recruits.

As hilarious as it is seeing them in Legends running away in fear, screaming like banshees, i think having women warriors concept is kinda silly. I'm not completely opposed to the idea but BB is fine without it. Magic on the other hand I would love to see more of it. Should be also rare, with spells being hard earned by doing some quests or from random events like with cultist origin when you had to sacrifice men for one of your bros to eventually become prophet.

I like how they implemented necromancer in Legends, but the mod needs a lot of work. Mid battle crashes alone made me quit it. But i will certainly revisit it with each update just to see how things changed. There are definitely some ellements the devs can borrow. Last edited by Neon ; 19 Jan am. But for lategame how many men do you really need? I unchecked the weapon scaling. Originally posted by wilb :. Originally posted by Neon :. Santo View Profile View Posts. Moved to the Mods forum.

Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 19 Jan am. Posts: 8.Available for pre-order at BossFightShop! The look of the Athenian corroborates that story, dressed in white layered armor, looking quite a bit more ornate than their Spartan comrades.

Spectacular sculpting and excellent articulation highlight the base figure as they do with every human figure we get in the line. Mostly white with some red and gray trim, the Athenian looks significantly different than the Spartan and complements the growing human army nicely.

Sometimes the small things help. The Athenian is decked out pretty well. He has two separate helmets, one pretty vanilla and the other much more ceremonial, both helmets having come with the NJCC exclusive Ultimate Spartan.

He has a shield with a great deco, a sheath with sword, and the familiar spear. All of these weapons can be held easily on the figure, thanks to the loop on the back of the vest. I really dig the face on the shield, which appears to represent the Barbarian, a theme that the Greeks often used to represent menace and danger.

Their brighter and cleaner overall appearance contrasts nicely with the polished bronze look of their brothers in arms in their battle against the Gorgons.

Battle Brothers - E29 Behemoth - Legends Mod Solo Crusader!

The base figure is fantastic, as they all are, and the accessories add some nice flair. With some new helmets, a great new bald head sculpt, and really cool expanded paint deco, we have a whole new addition to the Vitruvian HACKS roster of characters. The Athenian Warrior seems a bit more ceremonial than the Spartan, and ultimately I think I might prefer the Spartan somewhat, but this soldier definitely packs his own impressive punch!

Your email address will not be published. The addition of the new bald head sculpt is a very nice change as well. Accessories The Athenian is decked out pretty well. For the video review, look below. Athenian Warrior. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Joe G. Joe 2: Retaliation G. Joe 3 G.

Joe Battleground G. Joe Collectors Club G. Joe Comic Reviews G. Joe Comics G. Joe Convention G. Joe Kre-O G. Joe Kre-O Reviews G. Joe Retaliation Toys G. Joe Reviews G. Joe Strike G. Joe Toys G. Joe Video Game G. Joe War on Cobra G. Joe: Operation Blackout G. Joe: Renegades G. Joe: Resolute G. Joe: Snake Eyes G.Welcome, guideoui. The guide will give you some tips, tricks, and advice on Builds and Company Compositions. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you.

We hope that this guide will help you. The goal is to build a company which can fight against any opponents with less risk and pain including Kraken, Ijirok, Black Monolith and other the most dangerous opponents. In this section, a common battle company composition and several situational company compositions will be discussed.

All frontline brothers can bear both melee and range damage. Some or most of them are good at damaging. They consist of various two-handed melee weapon users, one-handed melee weapon users with or without shield. All backline brothers can bear some range damage. Some of them can bear temporary melee damage.

Most of them are good at damaging. Some of them use melee weapon, some of them use range weapon, some of them use both. They consist of 2 or 3 tiles melee weapon users, sergeant, archer, crossbow man, thrower. In addition, it will be much helpful to have some brothers who can overwhelm, disarm, stun, daze, injury, fear, stagger, knock back, throw net and other powerful tricks.

Also, it will be much safer and convenient to have some or most brothers with rotation or footwork, some or most brothers can use indomitable. Frontline brothers will fight face to face with opponents and also tank them. Thus they need to bear both melee and range damage. They can also use various weapons to attack and do various powerful tricks.

In this section, both offense and defense will be mentioned, while mainly focus on the defense. In later sections, some detailed frontline builds are discussed.

In general, two-handed weapons are the most powerful weapons, can do huge amount of damage with AOE. One-handed weapon with offhand free and duelist can provide higher single target damage. One-handed weapon with shield can provide only average damage. With above, a head chopper build can be attractive.

Function: Tank and kill. Recruit :.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Battle Brothers Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Battle Brothers.

Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Battle Brothers.

battle brothers legends layered armor

This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. This guide covers some of the builds i have found to be most viable, useful and versatile over the course of my playtime. Included are a list of perks for each build, some explanations and comments as to why these should be taken and how they should be used, recommended talent star distributions, recommended starting attributes, and some recommended equipment, backgrounds and traits.

This is not a basic tutorial and assumes you already have at least a little experience with or knowledge of the game, its mechanics, its enemies, etc.

This guide has been updated with a short -ish section at the end addressing the Warriors of the North DLC and corresponding update. Older builds have been reworked to reflect the perk balance changes. However, the addition of new weapons and equipment with novel abilities has also opened the door to entirely new builds and could represent a paradigm shift in the ways in which the older builds are used.

Dedicated BD section pending. This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Transylvandrei Online. Guide Index. The Shield Bro. The Two-Hander. The Archer. The Bannerman. The Polearm. The Hybrid Archer.Time limit is exhausted. I think it would be nice if rather than buying entirely new bits of amour you layered them up. So you get your gambeson, then as you get more money you can buy a mail shirt and put it over the gambeson.

When you get yet more money you can then put a coat of plates lamellar or a brigandine over the top. The same for heads, you would have gambeson cap, mail coif then a metal helmet of your choice. Finally it would be nice to have the option to put a surcoat with the company heraldry on it over the armour. That would not be something that the average person a battle bro could not take.

I see where you are coming from with this suggestion, but I dont think that it would work well in the game. So its heavy yes but but not so heavy as to be impossible or even that much of a problem we are talking professional fighting men after all its just the trade you pay for superior protection.

Scale was typical worn over just a gambeson rather than mail and lamellar was somtimes worn over mail and sometimes just a gambeson. Of course nether of these were especialy popular in western Europe at the time period Battle Brothers takes as inspiration. In the west scale was a rare armour and lamellar was pretty much unknown other than to the Norse who typical used coir boli hardened leather rather than metal and wore it over mail if the person could afford so.

Some of us did a lot of reenactment over the years so we are aware of the layered armors and how they were worn or better combined into heavier armors. When you look at the armors in the game you can almost always see various layers like gambeson, mail and then a coat of plates for example. We treat all of the higher tier armors as layered but in order to simplify the game and item management we decided to not model the individiual layers. To be honest we considered a system like you suggested it in an early stage of the game but ultimately we decided to not go with it.

We think the additional realism and choice that come with a system like that could be a little too much for the average player. Facebook Youtube Twitter. Of course offer correct and interesting. But I think simpler considering the price of the plate armor and endurance requirements take as a gaming convention that you buy directly the plate armor WITH chain mail and gambeson new set.

Agree it is more logical than to require a team of 3 people to alter the mechanics of the whole armor and redressing character.

I did notice and I like it a lot that you can clearly see on the model that there is clearly padding under it. I think maybe that was what gave me the idea. Though I can see that for some players it could add a little too much complexity especially those who are not familiar with medieval armour and how it was worn.

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Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Athenian Warrior

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Best regular head armor for archers without trait gives no penalty. Best regular head armor for crossbowmen without trait.

battle brothers legends layered armor

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Worn by Miners. Straw Hat. Nomad Head Wrap. Southern Head Wrap. Hunter's Hat. Worn by Hunter and can sometimes be found at Marketplace. Feathered Hat. Worn by civilian recruits, Disowned Noble and Swordmaster. Leather Headband. Barbarian Thrall and Barbarian Reaver gear. Engineer's Hat.

Gunner's Hat. Jester's Hat. Worn by Juggler. Cultist Hood. Worn by Cultists. Witchhunter's Hat. Worn by Witchhunter and used by Necromancers. Dark Cowl.

Battle Brothers Builds and Company Composition Guide (v1.3.0.22)

Used by Necromancers. Assassin's Head Wrap. Aketon Cap. Open Leather Cap. Leather Head Wrap. Desert Stalker's Head Wrap. Used by Desert Stalkers. Full Leather Cap. Full Aketon Cap.

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