Ac power calculator

Electrical Academia. In a three-phase AC power distribution circuit, three single-phase AC sources are interconnected in either a wye or delta configuration to form a 3-wire supply in the alternator, transformeror electric motorand sometimes a 4-wire supply in the alternator or transformer. If the three single-phase AC sources were in-phase with each other, and these single-phase AC sources had equal power ratings, the total power available to a connected load would be the product of the 3-phase AC line voltage times the 3-phase AC line current for any one of the sources multiplied by a factor of 3, but this is not the case.

To use only three circuit conductors instead of the six required for supply and return 2 each of the three single-phase AC sources, now the three single-phase AC sources are produced at the generating station electrically out-of-phase with each other by a factor of 0 :.

Connected in either a wye or delta wiring configuration, the total power of an alternator, motor or transformer or other 3-phase AC load is a vector addition instead of a straight algebraic addition. By formula:. In a DC circuit or in a single-phase resistive AC circuit, the product of line-voltage times the line-current equals the total wattage consumed by the circuit.

When circuit current flows against the resistance; heat is given off dissipated as the wattage true or active power of the circuit. Figure 1. Reactive elements in an AC circuit. All AC circuits — other than purely resistive AC circuits — have another element that offers reactance.

Reactance or reactive load is a type of resistance to the flow of electrical current that does not effectively dissipate electrical resistance as heat. Instead, reactance temporarily stores electrical energy in the circuit element. The stored electrical energy is released back into the circuit when circuit conditions both applied voltage and current drawn change.

Alternating current is forever changing in magnitude and periodically reversing its direction of current flow. An example of reactance is a car battery that can be charged and discharged on engine starting, and recharged while the engine is running.

As shown in Figure 1the two storing elements in an AC electrical circuit are capacitors and inductors. A capacitor consists of two conductive plates with an insulating, non-conducting plate dielectric between them.

A capacitor is labeled or referred to as a voltage device because it stores electrical energy in an electrostatic field across the dielectric between at least two conductive plates or other conductive surfaces. A capacitor is formed by the grouping of the electrical-circuit supply and return conductors in a common pipe, conduit or another raceway, or in the sheath or armor of a multi-conductor cable.

At the standard Hz electrical-power distribution frequency, though, the capacitance of the circuit is minimal: Inductive reactance is the primary reactive component in an AC circuit. An inductor consists of a wound or spiral-wrapped coil of continuous wire normally mounted on an iron core.

An inductor is labeled or referred to as a current device because it stores electrical energy in an electromagnetic field that surrounds the coil of wire. An inductor is formed by coiling a given length of wire either over itself, or along the confines of a ferrous metal rod or other metal shapes: Generators or alternators, motors, transformers, solenoids for valves and relayspower contactors, and motor startersas well as reactor coils, are all inductive loads.

Figure 2. Power relationships in an AC circuit. Wattage is representative of the work being done, whether it is heat, light, or the turning force of an electric motor. The stored power, which is returned to the circuit either by the capacitor, when a change in the magnitude of the circuit voltage occurs or by the inductor, when a change in the magnitude of the circuit current occurs, is described as the reactive power.Every air conditioner or heat pump has a SEER rating, which signifies its energy efficiency.

The higher the number, the less electricity the air conditioner uses. Used with permission. This calculator is only intended to give you a rough estimate. Your logo could be here along with a call to action and link to your website.

Plus, display the calculator on your website.

ac power calculator

So, you want to know more about the SEER calculator? The calculator determines how much you are spending on cooling your home per year based on four factors:.

It then compares this data with that of a higher efficiency air conditioner to determine how much an AC with that SEER rating could save you annually in cooling costs. The air conditioner energy calculator also displays your projected cumulative savings over a five year, ten year and a 15 year period.

In most cases, the potential savings are pretty amazing! SEER is the rating system representing the energy efficiency of air conditioners and heat pumps. It stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the number, the less electricity the air conditioner or heat pump consumes.

This is expressed in watt-hours Wh. SEER is also calculated based on indoor and outdoor temperature. Naturally, the outdoor temperature during a typical cooling season is not constant.

It varies based on weather and climate. This applies to the temperature of the return air, not the supply air. It simple terms, it can either cool your home by transferring warm air from the inside of your home to the outside, or it can heat your home by transferring warm air from the outside, inside.

The latest update to these standards went into effect on January 1, Air conditioning efficiency standards in the USA are set to undergo more changes in the coming years. On May 26,the Department of Energy DOE published a notice confirming an effective date of January 1, for the next set of energy conservation standards. All this being said, it is still possible to own an air conditioner with less than the minimum SEER rating.

Hint, hint. Best of luck! Most manufacturers make their air handlers compatible only with certain condensers for optimal performance.

ac power calculator

HVAC contractors are generally required to install air conditioners in these matched sets, but this unfortunately does not always happen.Today, we are here with another comprehensive Copper and aluminum wire size calculator.

Now you can take the advantage of this calculator to do this job. Enter the values, And click on calculate.

Result will shows the required quantity. Good to Know:. If the wire size is greater than all gauges i. It corresponds to 5. It is a unit for referring to the area of a wire with a circular cross section. You may also read:.

BTU Calculator

What minimum size of 3. Sir, I have plan to install 8. A 30m long twin PVC installation cable carrying current from a switch bulb in a domestic installation to a 4kv electric heater.

Hello, I need cables and wire calculations for aluminium and copper, table for diameters and Amp. Hi Everyone, Kindly give me guidance for the calculation of cable size. It is recommended that follow these simple steps then Here and Here. What should be the cable size for the following conditions. Distance : m 3. Laid in trunking, copper cable.

Electric cable size wise how much load can be take. I need chart minimum 4 numbers of cable size i. Laid in trunking, copper and Aluminumcable. But i dont find voltage option in the cable size calculator….? Hi How would I determine the size of the main cable to feed 12 houses from a transformer to the main distribution box.But the main thing which comes to our mind is the power consumption of AC. As this have a significant effect on our pocket. The very first thing is to note down the details provided on the name plate of AC.

Following parameters should be noted from the name plate:. Cooling Capacity:. Cooling Capacity of AC is defined as the amount of heat energy removed from room.

BTU stand for British Thermal Unit and it is defined as the amount of heat energy required o raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. If you calculate this, you will find that. Similarly, if we consider 1. Thus cooling capacity is fixed by the tonnage of AC. Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER is a parameter which determines the utilization of input power supply to cool the room.

Obviously, every consumer should look for better utilization of input power supply as it will help to reduce the electricity consumption and hence bill. From the above table it is clear that if EER lies in between 3. But what does this information mean to a consumer?

AC-DC Converter Calculator

The better the EER value, the lower will be the power consumption AC and hence lower will be impact on you pocket. It is defined as the ratio of total amount of heat energy removed from the indoor air in a year to the total amount of power consumed annually. This concept is introduced as the ambient temperature throughout the year varies and hence the cooling capacity of AC also varies to maintain a fixed indoor air temperature.

In inverter ACthe tonnage of AC varies with the heat load. This greatly helps in improving the energy efficiency. As the name suggest, it is seasonal energy efficiency ratio. In this method, the ISEER value is calculated for the entire year assuming the temperature profile for the year and operating hours of AC in a year. Electricity consumption per year is also mentioned. But it must be noted that, the electricity consumption mentioned on the name plate has been calculated based on certain parameters.

The actual power consumption by AC depends on various factors: Room Size, Heat Load in the room, ambient temperature etc. Thus the actual yearly power consumption may vary from what mentioned. But the power consumption mentioned at the name plate may serve as a reference for comparison of various ACs. Obviously, one which consumes less power. As inverter AC is variable tonnage AC.

It changes its tonnage as per the ambient and room temperature. Therefore, its energy efficiency is quite good and hence consumes less power. While non-inverter AC always runs at full tonnage and hence consumes more power for the same room cooling. Therefore, Inverter AC is always recommend.

Comparison has been made by taking price of Diakin brand 1. I just found this brand best from performance, durability and maintenance point of view. Above all its cost is quite reasonable. Annual Electricity Bill per Year assuming Rs. Assuming that AC is operated only in summer i.Quick Calculate! Select calculation field and enter other values. An alternating current AC refers to an electrical current whose magnitude and direction vary periodically, as opposed to direct current DC.

The direction of Direct Current DC always remains constant. AC and DC are electric supply current adaptors. With AC it is possible to build electric generators, motors and power distribution systems that are far more efficient than DC, and so we find AC used predominately across the world in high power applications.

Alternating current AC is the most efficient way to deliver electrical power. However, most electronic devices need direct current DC to function. For this reason, AC to DC converters are either a part of devices themselves or as part of their power cords.

How you can calculate the P.V with simple calculator?

Direct current DC is used to charge batteries, and also used in nearly all electronic systems as the power supply. Electric power that is being distributed all over is nearly all Alternating Current AC today. Skip to content. Quick Links About Us.When you need to run a regular household electrical type device in an area where no regular grid power is available, this calculator will help you figure out what size batteries and power inverter you need!

This calculator is designed to assist you with power usage amounts, when converting from one power form to another using a DC to AC inverter. Just enter power numbers in the fields below, and we will do the calculations for you, including typical inefficiencies and all that other techie type stuff you may not care to calculate. If you are not sure of your numbers, have a look at the walkthrough illustrations below when entering numbers. If you want to size your inverter battery pack, then you first need to figure out the DC amperage you will be pulling out of your battery pack through the inverter.

This calculator can assist you in figuring out the DC amp draw through an Inverter, so you can accurately size your inverter battery pack. Full Name Should contain only letters, numbers, and '. Email Address - will not be published Email address should be formatted user domain. Subscribe to comments with RSS. Emmanuel I have a 12v car battery and I also have v electric motor.

ac power calculator

So can the 12v battery run the electric motor??? Depending if the motor is an AC or DC motor you would need either inverter or converter to run the motor off of a battery. I have a car audio amplifier and subwoofer set up that i can no longer use in my vehicle. It is a watt amp when connected to a 1 ohm load.

The subs play real low, like down to 25hz. Which makes me want to bring this inside for movies. Stupid idea, I know. However, I am still interested in repurposing this setup.

The question I am asking is beyond my comprehension, so please be patient. If the amp pulls around amps DC to create watts at 1 ohm. How does that equate to AC? The standard breaker in my house is 15 amp's, with a few at Is there a power invertor that can plug into a volt outlet and provide the power needed for the amp?

ac power calculator

Would it require a volt?Air conditioner power consumption calculator is used to calculate the bill cost for any AC. Daily, monthly, and yearly cost will be calculated.

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